[the sights of NYC] e x p l o r i n g

41 days, 6 cities, 5 flights, 3 bus rides, 3 bridges, 4 towers, 3 Broadway shows, 1 ballet, 6 museums, 19 nail polishes, 18 pairs of shoes, 1 Tiffany and Co bag, 2 hot dogs, 1 pretzel, 14 cupcakes, 5000+ photos, 6 lipsticks, 2 jazz clubs, 6 department stores, 4 parks, 2 massages, 6 markets, 2 birthdays, 9 pairs of jeans, 4 cable car rides, 1 red bus tour, 2 flat rate boxes, 122 kg of luggage, too many memories, 2 amazing friends, 
1 big adventure!

So this is why there have been no updates recently. I have been exploring! I have however been capturing every moment of my adventures to the US and Canada so that I can share each discovery, every amazing sight, all the inspiration I found and those small moments which made me draw a quick little breath and my brow rise.

Just before my friend and I departed Australia and prepared ourselves for over 26 hours of flying....I purchased a Nikon D5100 camera, something which I have wanted for a while now to capture the things I love. All photos on this adventure were taken with my Nikon or my Iphone 4 by me, unless stated otherwise. 
By the way the above tally is a combined tally!

The first stop is our longest, 2 and a half weeks in New York City! 

The Sights of NYC