[The Finer Details] Delicate Jewellery

For quite some time now I have taken a more delicate touch to my accessories. I love the subtlety of such delicate pieces, it's more intriguing.  I have kept things fine and simple with the help of a few amazing jewellery designers and random little market finds. No matter how you do it, whether it's bare and minimal, stacked and layered or beachy and bohemian you just can't go wrong. Hope this post gives you a little inspiration! 

I have fallen in love with Catbird! Their pieces have a beautiful hand quality finish to them and a rawness that keeps them casual enough for everyday wear. Investing a little extra in your everyday jewellery saves you in the future and allows you to get on with the chores and activities without worry about the gold plating wearing off or stones falling out. 

There are so many ways to wear these pieces, have a play and experiment with all the combinations you can imagine. Here are some of my favourite designers creating delicate dainty treasures:

Here are a couple that you can have a little more fun with (without feeling too guilty or hurting the bank account):