[Dresses & Gowns] Polytechnic 2nd year Display

Hollie Gardner
I attended Polytechnic's 2nd year end of year garment display, where the students presented a dress each they had designed and produced. I was very impressed with the quality and technique shown in the garment construction, especially considering this was the work of 2nd year students. The garments varied from formal gowns to cocktail dresses and many of them had countless hours of hand crafted embellishment techniques.
I look forward to coming back next year to see what these students produce for their final 3rd year collections if this is what they are doing now!
Mitchell Smith
Sharnah Abbott
Sharnah Abbott
Bronte Quinn
Bronte Quinn
Lucinda Lubrano
Sair Kelly
Melanie Dogtash
Josh Berthelson
Sally Geach, Kirsty Payne, Katie Douglas
Monique Carreria


[Sweet Diamonds] THOMAS SABO

Thomas Sabo in Claremont had their special VIP launch of the new Sweet Diamonds collection the other week which gave guests a chance to view the collection while sipping on bubbly!
The Sweet Diamonds collection is delicate and elegant and definitely a lovely gift for someone special this time of year! There are lots of hearts in the collection some etched with patterned detailing and of course a diamond or two. The collection also includes other 'sweet' pieces such bows, feathers, keys, wings, butterflies, snowflakes and daisies.
Thank you to the beautiful and friendly staff, it was a fun night!

All photos by me!


[Pippa McManus Illustration] With Flowers in Their Hair

Illustrator Pippa McManus unveiled her latest exhibition 'With Flowers in Their Hair' at One40william this week. Pippa showcased an absolutely amazing body of work to the guests who obviously coveted her masterpieces according to all the little red dots next to almost all of the pieces half way through the night! Using models as muses each one has their own personality, which is highlighted through the use of medium and application used by Pippa. Talking to some of the guests the common response was that they couldn't pick a favourite- they just LOVED THEM ALL! I agree!

Pippa also recently returned from London Fashion Week illustrating for Mary Katrantzou back stage and straight off the catwalk! Before she could get her feet back on the ground she was back in Perth as the official illustrator for Perth Fashion Festival 2012 and also exhibited her interpretation of PFF's campaign images in an exhibition called 'Best Western' in Hatch throughout the week.
A massive CONGRATULATIONS on all your success Pippa, it's awesome to see a very talented local Perth girl achieving great things!!

Check out Pippa's blog here or Facebook page here.

All photos by me!