{Look Around} Architecture x Fashion

If you're like me you'll have about 20 tabs open in Safari at any given time- you'll be scrolling through Pinterest looking at your dream bathroom making notes about the coordinating towels, whilst you are searching for the perfect dress to wear to that wedding next month in between the Facebook messaging trying to organise brunch for the weekend and getting to that email you were supposed to do last week! A part from getting slightly side tracked occasionally I am constantly trawling through thousands of pictures on Pinterest, on my favourite blogs or just on a Google image search because its an awesome way to waste productively spend 4 hours after work. 

I love drawing connections between the fashion imagery I am always surrounded by and my random searches, like finding an intricate embroidered detail on a jacket that mimics a 18th century celing from some incredible building in Europe. Sometimes it's just a colour palette or pattern in an outfit that reflects a bathroom wall tile or the wallpaper of a bedroom. I think it's interesting to see these connections side by side, perhaps their inspiration comes from the same source, perhaps one was influenced by the other or maybe you can just always find a connection if you do enough Googling!


The Satchel

Images via my Pinterest