7 Little Wonders

{Well it's been a big couple of months! (sorry for the lack of posts) I moved to Sydney! I'm really excited how this move will further my own career and enrich The Satchel too.}

{I hadn't even been in Sydney for a week and I was already backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia for Flannel. Here is a sneak peak of a massive post to come.}

{A little luck from a scarab beetle has certainly been needed in the last few weeks. This is my new beautiful gold plated with rose quartz necklace by Gabbi Kelly from Flannel.}

{Sculptures by The Sea at Cottesloe Beach- Sydney beaches will never compare!}

{My new favourite treat, ice-cream centred macaroons! OMG!}

{My path forward is alight...This is the enchanting work of Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen.}

{Looking for inspiration for my new work station.}

The Satchel