[just the first 3 days...] San Francisco e x p l o r i n g

COLOUR along The Pier

THE STREETS @ night and by day

ON THE WATER @ Pier 39

THE GOLDEN GATE, the bridge and the views

Due to the amount of photos I took in San Francisco I have had to break it down (otherwise there would be no posts for a month!). This is just the first 3 days of our time in San Francisco!!! The next 3 are on the way....


[looking up] architecture of San Francisco

Just look up and you'll discover what such a beautiful city San Francisco is. On the double decker red bus tour with our awesome guide we explored The Bay Area. It was a perfect way to see the city and become familiar with our surrounds. There is such a diverse mix of architectural styles which is like a visual map to the cities history. There were Victorian houses next door to Art Deco styles and across the road from Italianate styles. There were also whole streets of Victorian houses all lined up in a row, each only distinguishable by the colour it was painted. 

Fire escapes also drew our eyes up!
There apartments are so stylish- no brick boxes to be found.

The weather in San Francisco couldn't have been more ideal. Blue, clear skies were the perfect backdrop to these inner city buildings (works of art). 

On an evening walk...
Doors, doors, doors. 
Each one as pretty as the last. 
Wouldn't one of these be so welcoming to come home to every day?