[Arcadia] Curtin University's Fashion & Textile Graduate Parade 2012

Curtin University 's Fashion and Textile Design class of 2012 presented Arcadia.
The runway returned from an off campus parade last year to Curtin's sports centre with a large raised square  runway. This setting also bought back a lot of memories from my time completing the course at Curtin a few years ago. The designers presented very 'sensitive' collections, by which I mean they all paid close attention to the details creating overall powerful designs. This attention to details continued through to the head-wear  footwear, bags and jewellery complimenting the outfits perfectly.

Congratulations to all the students and staff, it was an incredible show!

The graduating designers of 2012:
(In alphabetical order by first name)
{Ann Le} ·  {Anna Jacoba Hohnen} ·  {Arian Davis} ·  {Cassandra MacDonald} ·  {Chloe Bourdon} ·  {Emily Muco} ·  {Emma-Louise May} ·  {Hannah Steens} ·  {Katherine Young} ·  {Lauren Sims} ·  {Molly Stott} ·  {Samuel McCloy} ·  {Serena MacManus} ·  {Seth Cray} ·  {Stephanie Fulham} ·  {Stephanie Kinsman} ·  {Tim Watson} ·  {Xi Chen} ·  {Ysabel Tang}

{Ann Le}

 {Anna Jacoba Hohnen}

 {Ariana Davis}

 {Cassandra MacDonald}

 {Chloe Boudon}

{Emily Muco}

{Emma-Louise May}

{Hannah Steens}

{Katherine Young}

{Lauren Sims}

{Molly Stott}

{Samuel McCloy}

{Serena MacManus}

{Seth Cray}

{Stephanie Fullman}

{Stephanie Kinsman}

{Tim Watson}

{Xi Chen}

{Ysabel Tang}
All photos by me!

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