[on the mantle] fireplaces

A girlfriend of mine is moving house and in her bedroom is her very own, original, fireplace. She has already begun to collect and source different pieces and loves the idea of an array of melted candles along her mantle pieces. This has inspired this post and I hope it can in turn inspire all of you too. 

There are so many different ideas for the mantle - here are few ideas for colour, simplicity, letters and heads,  vintage and a few others.
Enjoy :)

I love this whole room! The fireplace is the hero!! The architecture around the the fireplace sets the tone for the rest of this Moroccan pink paradise.

A little bit of  fun with gorgeous colourful Foo Dogs.

Keep it simple with a little repetition.

I love  the way in which the "N" is used to break up the black hole of this fire place, it makes the mantle décor more cohesive with the whole fireplace and is like one large artwork.
Letters add a quirkiness.
An off-centred rhino never hurt


This is what I imagine my friends mantle might look like...

A beautiful mirror can create a powerful visual impact and help enhance the fireplace, making it the focal point of the room.

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