[Seattle] with local guide

During the planning of our trip my friend and I deliberated over many coffee dates about which cities we wanted to visit. The only two we were certain of was New York and Seattle. My friend had previously spent a year studying at the University of Washington and wanted to go back to visit the city she had fallen in love with. (knowing of course, I would too!) So she was my very own 'local' personal guide.


We visited the markets where fish are thrown, A Cappella groups are jamming and fresh fruit and vegetables are stacked high. There was a buzzing atmosphere as we walked through the isles lined with buckets of tulips and vendors are calling for your attention.


Walking home from the markets we stumbled across this little antique shop (above). When I say 'little', I mean rows and rows of treasures, treasures hung from the ceiling, treasures stacked in the corner and treasures extending all the way to the back of the shop, which we couldn't even see! I did manage to find a little treasure (below) to take home amongst all the beautiful things. I could have spent hours in there- unfortunately we found it about 15mins before closing. 

The University of Washington
We wondered through the beautiful grounds of The University of Washington on one overcast morning. My friend being my personal guide, pointing out which buildings she attended lectures in and where the library was and of course the sports facilities! Go Huskies!!

The Space Needle


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