[Whistler wonderland] e x p l o r i n g

Snow is still a relatively new experience for me but I think that Whistler would remain magical destination for anyone! There is spectacular scenery everywhere- seen from ground or gondola!
Whistler was a a great way of breaking up our trip to get out of the big cities and to slow down the pace a bit. 
(so I thought until we picked up our ski gear!)

We were lucky and had mostly clear days, with just enough snow fall overnight to keep the tracks nice and soft for my "landings". I learnt to ski in 4 days, and even did Fresh Tracks one day which involved a 5am alarm! On the one day it was a little bit wild we made the most of it and went tubing and explored the village-
there is something special about shopping on a mountain....

There are some very talented, FEARLESS 4 year olds on the slopes that put me to shame. There are also some crazy dudes who define the term: extreme sports!


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