[DIY] Glitter Gift Wrap

Equipment & Materials you will need:
1. A roll of paper
2. Glitter 
3. Ribbon
4. Sticky Tape
5. Glue
1. Make a circle with the glue on the paper.
2. Sprinkle the glitter over the circle of glue.
3. Shake off the excess of glitter (keep aside to reuse).
4. Repeat randomly all over the roll of paper.

 Wrap your gifts using the sticky tape and pretty ribbon!

For gift tags I bought silver glitter swing tags to match the glitter spots.
However you could easily make these with some card and the same glitter you used for the paper.
Simply attach them to your gifts with some metallic thread.

I loved making this paper, there was glitter everywhere for a while (no one seemed to mind- it was Christmas!) Even though this was my Christmas paper this year, it's not a traditional colour scheme or pattern so you can use it for presents all year round! It doesn't have to just be gift wrap either- you could use it for anything, from a simple table runner to covering your books, journals and diaries. 
Oh the possibilities!

The Satchel

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